Electrical / Lighting Systems

Electrical / Lighting Systems

Main Control Board

Type:  Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) Express 48/96

  • Channels: 192  
  • DMX Outputs: 1024 
  • Number of Cues: 600  
  • Number of Faders: 96 
  • Number of Submasters: 24, ten pages each 
  • Primary Console Location: Stage Left, behind plaster line 
  • Alternate Console Locations: Stage Right, Balcony 


  • Number: 144
  • Brand: ETC
  • Wattage: 2500
  • Age: Installed Summer 2000
  • Service: 300 Amp 3 Phase Wye Total Available

Road Show: Disconnects are available on Stage Left for road show feed.  This disconnect has 5 lugs for hook-up. This panel is part of the 300 Amp total load available and is not on a separate circuit.  

All patching/channel assignment is done at the lighting control panel.  The default is a one dimmer-per-channel system. Additional (road show) dimmers may be added to the system for enhanced capability. 

In addition, 24 circuits may be diverted for overhead lighting, etc. by using the “either/or” panel at stage left.  This panel also provides connectivity to eight circuits located on the balcony rail. These circuits are currently connected to the 8”/10” ellipsoidals attached to the balcony rail. The stage manager or a designated assistant will provide assistance in using this panel.  

Lighting Board

Lighting Equipment Inventory 

Movable Stage Instruments 
7Strand Lighting 8″ 13° ellipsoidals (FOH – balcony railing)
1Strand Lighting 10″ 9° ellipsoidal (FOH – balcony railing)
1Strand Lighting 6″ 19° ellipsoidal
12Times Square Lighting 6X16 ellipsoidals (FOH – Attic)
4Century Lighting 6” Radial ellipsoidals (FOH – Attic)
5Source4 50° ellipsoidals
6Source4 36° ellipsoidals
4Source4 26° ellipsoidals
4Source4 10° ellipsoidals
2Source4 Jr. 50° ellipsoidals
2Source4 Jr. 26° ellipsoidals
9Century Lighting 8” Fresnels
4Century Lighting 6” Fresnels (2 w/Edison plugs)
12Source4 PAR-EA-1 w/VNSP, NSP, MFL or WFL lenses

Other Instruments 

1Xenon SuperTrooper II follow-spot (FOH – projection booth)

Fixed Stage Instruments

Four (4) Border strips on fly-pipes (not relocatable) each consisting of alternating White, Yellow, Red, Blue convex lenses. Colors are separately addressable, as are stage left, stage right. Each Border strip has an ETC flex-channel circuit with 6 drops, and also one addressable multi-drop circuit on each side (Border 1 has four addressable drops). All border strip drops are equipped with 3-pin stage plugs.

Eight (8) footlight strips may be rotated from beneath the stage apron, each consisting of alternating White, Red, Blue convex lenses. Colors are separately addressable, as are stage left, stage right.

Six (6) sets of addressable flush-mounted floor pockets (3 sets per side) with 3- pin stage plugs receptacles can be used for additional power requirements.

Additional Edison-plug power outlets of 200 AMP service are available along the plaster line and rear wall.