A.A.S.R. Reunion

What Is a Scottish Rite Reunion?

Valleys hold what we call a “Reunion”, no more than a few times each spring and autumn. At its core, a Reunion is a chance for Scottish Rite Brothers to come together and continue their journey into the craft by witnessing the Scottish Rite degrees. It’s a chance to explore more deeply the ethical teachings and philosophy of Freemasonry.

Additionally, Reunions offer Masons the opportunity for social fellowship with Brothers from surrounding communities. Degree performances are accompanied by refreshments, and these breaks serve as the perfect chance to introduce yourself to your Valley Brothers. For many, Reunions are an opportunity to learn from other Brothers and build the connections that have sustained the fraternity for centuries.

Witnessing the Scottish Rite Degrees

The degrees of the Scottish Rite are elaborate plays, often staged with costumes, scenery, special effects, and the full rigging of a dramatic production. These productions present Masonic philosophy to help men better understand the reason and purpose of life, and thereby gain the knowledge and inspiration to improve themselves and society.

Accepted applicants seeking to become Scottish Rite Masons have the opportunity to witness the 4° and meet their new Scottish Rite Brethren at a Valley Reunion. Those hoping to become a 32º Scottish Rite Mason must witness the 4°, as well as the 32° and three additional degrees. Reunions are the only place where degrees above the 4° are presented, so it is essential to attend this event if you are hoping to reach the 32° level.

Attend a Reunion

Reunions are typically held in the Spring and Fall across the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. If you would like to attend a Reunion, but aren’t yet a Scottish Rite member, learn more about joining 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry here: https://scottishritenmj.org/join